1. Choose a problem

Let’s start with identifying a problem you care about. It could be a social problem, an environmental problem or any other problem that you have observed in your surroundings. But remember that your problem should be feasible enough to implement in the next 3-4 months.


Before we start, go through the below guidelines and tips. This will help you in choosing your problem for ICO.

Guidelines for Choosing your Problem

Go through these guidelines to understand what factors you should keep in mind while choosing your problem.

Tip 1: Choose a ‘Specific Problem’

Watch this very important video tip to understand the difference between a ‘specific problem’ and a ‘broad problem’.


These activities will help you decide on a problem you can solve through your ICO initiative.


Observe problems around you

To choose a problem that your team is passionate about, you just need to observe what’s going on around you.

Tip: Attempt this activity to come up with ideas for your ICO initiative.


Research your problem

Start researching your top three – four problems and understand them better.

Tip: Attempt this activity if you already have some ideas and want to deep dive into them.


Finalize your problem

Select and define a problem you want to solve.

Tip: Attempt this activity to be sure if you have picked a “solvable problem’