Help Us Raise Funds to Help 500 Government School Children Learn Life Skills

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Goal: Rs. 50,000

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Campaign Organizer:

Ditya Das, Jishnav R, Vibha R, Shamita R | Nov 1, 2019 | Bangalore, India​​

Beneficiary Organization:

Better Plus Education, a registered non-profit organization under Section 12A of the Income Tax Act 1961.

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Our Story

Who are we and what are we doing?
We are Ditya Das, Jishnav R, Vibha R, and Shamita R, students from National Academy For Learning, Bangalore, currently studying in 6th standard, and we have started our initiative called “Equality for All” to raise funds for an organization that teaches life skills to kids in government schools in Bangalore. So far, they have impacted the lives of more than 13,400 students from low-income communities.

Ditya, one of the campaign organizers studying in class 6 from National Academy for Learning
Jishnav, one of the campaign organizers studying in class 6 from National Academy for Learning

Why are we raising the funds?
The country lies in the hands of the future generations, but if they are not educated, then there may be trouble. We study in private schools, and we have loads of opportunities to have an all rounded development. However, that is not the case for most government school children, where the opportunities are limited. So we decided we should help them. We identified an NGO called Better Plus Education, which runs a life skills program in government schools to teach the skills of empathy, creativity, problem-solving and leadership to these children. Upon speaking with them, we realised that they are short of Rs. 50,000 to continue their operations in 5 schools, each with approximately 100 kids, and we have decided to help them by collecting funds for them through our initiative “Equality for All”. The funds will be used to buy workbooks for children, other supporting materials for conducting life skills sessions, as well as operational costs for volunteer training and management. We are trying our best to raise funds for them, and we urge you to help us achieve our goal.

About the NGO Better Plus Education:
Better Plus Education is a registered Trust (NGO) that teaches life skills to children in government schools in Bangalore. It is registered under Section 12A of the Income Tax Act 1961, follows all financial regulations set forth for non-profits by the Government of India, and is audited annually by Ratna Ravikumar B. Chartered Accountant.

Volunteer teacher interacting with the students and encouraging them to share their emotions and feelings to develop social-emotional learning.
Students interviewing each other and learning the skill of communication.
Students learning the skill of creativity by learning the concept of angles using the classroom door.

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You can contact the organizers by calling at +91-9845005391 or emailing at [email protected] (Ditya)