What is the ICO Schools Transformation Program?

ICO Schools Transformation Program is a 1-year long capacity building program for school leaders with the objective of enabling them to create a supportive environment in school for their children to grow up as Changemakers (individuals with the skillset and mindset to empathise with the real-world social problems around them, generate ideas and take initiative to effectively drive positive change).

Through this program, ICO works with the schools and empowers them to implement a variety of “Change Innovations” in the school – across curricula, culture, and/or systems – for fostering a Changemaker environment. See some examples here.

Together, we can re-imagine, co-create and lead a transformation in education such that every child becomes a changemaker.

Is this transformation program right for your school?

If you are looking to transform your school into one that creates an environment to support children to grow up as changemakers and are willing to put in the effort for implementing different kinds of change innovations, then this program is for you!

Schools selected in the program are called “ICO Transformational Schools”. ICO Transformational Schools aspire to create a world where all children are empathetic leaders, capable of working in teams to solve problems for the good of all.

Check out some of the Change Innovations started by schools

Inter-School Changemaker Festival

Ganges Valley School, Hyderabad

Ganges Valley School launched an annual Inter-School Changemaker Festival called Sahaya to empower children in Hyderabad to launch their own social initiatives and the first edition witnessed participation from 9 schools and hundreds of children who launched their initiatives!

Changemaker Club

Tribune Model School, Chandigarh

Tribune Model School, Chandigarh, started a Changemaker Club in school, a space where students come together to ideate, innovate, and implement solutions to the problems affecting their school. Till now, 5 successful initiatives have been started by students in areas of eradicating bullying, making a zero waste school, etc.

#ILeadYoung Stories

National Public School, Bangalore

National Public School in Bangalore started an initiative called #ILeadYoung, where once in a week, children share stories of young changemakers, like Greta Thunberg, from across the world during assembly to motivate and inspire other students to create a positive difference in their community.


How to become an ICO Transformational School?

Below are the steps for your School’s Transformational Changemaker Journey with ICO

Application Form

School’s leadership fills the basic application form for the ICO Schools Transformation Program after having read and understood about it.


ICO team explores partnership with school to understand vision alignment and motivation, along with potential ideas the school could implement. This happens over a series of telephonic conversations, site visits, etc. If all criteria met, then school proceeds to next step.

Formation of 
“Innovation Team”

The school identifies and proposes a cross-stakeholder “Innovation Team” which includes a combination of principal, teachers and parents. This team is committed to work together to advance the school’s efforts to ensure students develop the skill of changemaking.

Final Selection of School & Appointment of ICO Coach

ICO selects the school as an ICO Transformational School if all criteria are met, and an ICO Coach is appointed to the school.

Creating Detailed Plan of Action

The “Innovation Team” together with ICO Coach prepare a detailed plan of action of the different “Innovations” that can be implemented.

Implementation of Innovations

The school implements the innovations in the school and monitors its progress.

Continuous Engagement & Capacity Building of Team

 ICO Coach monitors the progress and impact, and offers strategic feedback on the same. This is achieved by one-on-one conversations as well as capacity building sessions for the Team during the year.

Documenting and sharing best practices 

School documents the Innovations and learnings, and shares it with ICO, media, other stakeholders, etc. to amplify the message.

What support ICO provides for your school's transformation?

Knowledge and Toolkits to enable you to develop your Change Innovations

We have developed Toolkits that documents the different Innovations that you could use to implement the innovations in your school. We also keep developing new toolkits so you never run out of ideas and inspiration

Capacity Building of "Change Team"

ICO Coach helps the school in developing a personalised “Plan of Action” suited to your school, supports in its implementation, and guide the Team throughout the year so that you are equipped with the knowledge and mindset to achieve your goals.

Support in documenting your Change Innovations

Documenting and sharing the Innovations is an important aspect of a school’s transformation journey, but it can be tough! ICO Coach will share the methodology and best practices for the documentation, whether you are making a professional video or a PDF Report!

Opportunities to share your Innovations with the world

We share opportunities and platforms – like conferences, awards, and workshops – the school can participate in to share their innovations with the world. We also nominate the schools for various media coverage opportunities at state and national level.

Changemaker School Recognition and Branding

Schools that successfully complete the program are honoured with an “ICO Transformational School” certificate for the year that not only gives you credibility, but also establishes you as a thought-leader in the education space!

Criteria for selection

Schools should aspire to create a world where all children are empathetic leaders, capable of solving problems for the good of all. 

Schools should be committed and dedicated to put in the time to plan and implement innovations in school to cultivate children as changemakers.

Enabling children to become Changemakers is not that straight-forward. It requires the school leadership to be eager to learn and unlearn, and experiment with ideas to see what’s working.

Leading the way and influencing others is the way for larger systemic change. Schools should have an aspiration to influence other stakeholders in the education system and attract them to follow their lead.


The ICO Schools Transformation program is 1-year long program during which the school receives intensive support from ICO in order to build a Changemaker culture in the school. Post 1 year, schools are empowered to lead their own Changemaker journey, but continue to receive support from ICO on a need basis, benefit from its community and the rich pool of knowledge and toolkits.

Yes, a school can apply anytime during a year, and the process of selection will start immediately after that.

We support all kinds of schools – public, government, large, small, urban, rural – so all are encouraged to apply.

For any queries, you can write to us at [email protected] or call at +91-88260 82458


Are you ready for the

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