Register Your School For ICO

If you’re a school representative, fill a short form here and the ICO team will get in touch with you to bring ICO to your school. We will help you in conducting an awareness session about ICO in your school, send physical registration forms for students, and any other help you need!

Why bring ICO to your school?

Exposure to your students to a unique social innovation platform

Your students will build unique changemaker skills by launching social initiatives that will also help them in the future when they apply to colleges. Certificates, prizes, and media recognition is also given to high-performing teams.

Media Recognition to your school

The schools which participate successfully will be covered in the media as part of our media outreach program. The schools will also get a chance to feature in a national video documentary.

Changemaker Certificate for school

will be given to every school having more than 5 teams that participate, which can be displayed in the reception, school website, and shared on social media. See how Study Hall School is using it here.

Changemaker Initiatives Report for school

A detailed report will be shared with the school highlighting all the social initiatives that your children started, that can be shared with parents, other stakeholders, and on social media.

Detailed Initiative Report for the team

Each team submits a Report at the end for their initiative, which will be shared with the school. This will be a record for the school of the work done by their children.

Support from ICO to spread the message to school stakeholders

From our past experience, schools like to spread the news about their achievements in ICO through social media, website, newsletters, etc. and ICO helps schools do it effectively.


Have any other questions?

Write to us at [email protected]