Professional 3-Minute Video Movie for Your Initiative in Full-HD

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Get a professional movie made for your initiative by a recognised ICO director & videographer, showcasing the amazing work you did through your initiative, and use it anytime in future, like applying to colleges, jobs, etc. The movie will be published on the ICO site and also shared with national media houses for them to pick it up! More than 95% of the videos made till now have been published by media houses, with some of them achieving 1 million+ views online!

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The video movie shoot project is a 2-3 month long project that involves pre-scripting, on-ground shoot over 1-2 days in your home/school (wherever your initiative’s major impact is) and post-shoot editing and production. A professional movie director and videographer are involved in a series of steps – movie scripting, movie shooting, video editing, voiceover, etc. to produce a video that’s sure to capture everyone’s attention!

The videos are shot in a professional DSLR camera, and editing is done in Adobe Premier Pro, the industry-standard editing software. The final video is available in Full HD quality. 

How it works?

You place the order

Click Place Order, fill short details, and make the payment!

A Professional Director writes the script and decides the shots for your movie

A director will get in touch with your team, take inputs, and writes a script for the movie, and then decides the different shots to be taken.

Director and Videographer Shoot the Movie

After discussing with your team, the director and the videographer will come over to your home/school for 1-2 days and finish shooting all the shots required. They will also record the voiceover of the script from one of the team members.

Videographer Compiles The Movie

Videographer will edit the shots and make the movie. This involves professional edits like color correction, keyframes, effect controls, and other necessary post-shoot edits to each clip, adding the voice over, a nice background music, as well as other animations that appear.

Video gets uploaded onto the ICO website, shared with you and with media houses

The Video will be uploaded on ICO website, shared with you, and with media houses. More than 95% of the movies made till now have been published by national media houses, so there is a very high chance for your initiative to be covered as well.

You use the video anytime in the future, anywhere!

You can use the video to showcase the excellent work you did as kids anytime in future, like applying to colleges, jobs, etc. 

See Sample Video Movies

Questions & Answers

The video benefits you in a lot of ways!

  1. Published on the ICO website – The video once made will be published on the ICO website with a dedicated page for your initiative, that you can use anytime in the future to show and impress anyone. See an example here –
  2. Very High Possibility of the video being published in National Media Houses – We share all the videos with national media houses like India Today, The Logical Indian, The Better India, YouthKiAwaaz, Stories of Change, etc. and they publish the ones they like. Last year, >95% of the videos were published by some or the other media house, with videos gathering on an average more than 500,000 views. See the media coverage of the videos from last year here –
  3. You can use the video to share in your personal profiles or make a blog of your own, or in any which way you want to use it for.

The final video will be shared via email or Google Drive, so that you have a soft copy safely with you for life. In any case, a copy of it will always be there on the ICO website.

No, only 1 person from a team should pay. The cost will come only around Rs. 12,500/team member if there are 4 team members. You can then settle it later amongst yourself.

ICO Shop for a Cause is a platform where different professionals like videographers/photographers, writers, etc. have volunteered their efforts in order to fundraise money for a cause. The money for producing this video goes as donation to the NGO Better Plus Education, which implements life skills curriculum in government schools.

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  • Sidhaarth, ICO Participant, Bangalore

“The Final Video was of such great quality, and it got over 1.1 million views on the internet! I still can’t believe how beautifully our work was communicated through this video, and now we have a permanent copy of it for life! Thank you ICO for this!”

  • Jia, ICO Participant, New Delhi

THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF OUR LIFE. The shoot was so much fun, there were many shots where we had to act but we couldn’t do it properly in the beginning, but the director helped us understand how to be in front of a camera! One of the most unique things I have done till now! Totally worth it!”